Jacob Londo, 18681922 (aged 53 years)

Jacob Londo
Jacob /Londo/
Given names
Birth October 5, 1868 29 26
Death of a motherMartje Norberhuis
April 7, 1875 (aged 6 years)
Emigration 1891 (aged 22 years)
Birth of a sonBert Londo
September 11, 1895 (aged 26 years)
Death September 13, 1922 (aged 53 years)
Family with parents
Birth: February 27, 1839 33 39Pieterburen
Death: October 30, 1923Holwierde gem. Bierum
Birth: January 15, 1842 42 40Kantens
Death: April 7, 1875Toornwerd
Marriage MarriageMay 17, 1865Kantens
3 years
Jacob Londo
Birth: October 5, 1868 29 26Kantens
Death: September 13, 1922Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA
Family with Grietje Jansen
Jacob Londo
Birth: October 5, 1868 29 26Kantens
Death: September 13, 1922Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA
Grietje Jansen
Birth: February 29, 1868Groningen
Death: September 26, 1939Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA
Bert Londo
Birth: September 11, 1895 26 27Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA
Death: December 17, 1963Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA
  1. JACOB2 LONDO (AREND (HARRY)1) was born October 05, 1854 in The Netherlands, Europe, and died September 13, 1922 in Grand Rapids, Kent Co. MI. He married GRIETJE JANSEN October 20, 1892 in Grand Rapids, Kent Co. MI, daughter of ALBERT JANSEN and ANTJE RUITER.

Notes for JACOB LONDO: Jacob was born October 5, 1869 in the Netherlands, Europe. He was 15 years old when his family moved to the United States.

Jacob hired in the Stickey Brothers Co. at 661 Hilton, where he worked as a polisher.

After raising their family, Jacob and wife Grace adopted the infant son of their daughter, Mattie. Mattie's husband Matthew didn't think he could handle a baby with the older two children, so he wanted to put him up for adoption. His in-law's the Londo's wouldn't hear of it, so they chose to adopt Bob.

Jacob Londo worked as a furniture finisher until the time of his death. Cause of death, intestional obstruction. Age at the time of death, 53 years 11 months and 9 days. Buriel at Greenwood Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent Co. MI.

Notes for GRIETJE JANSEN: Grietje (Grace) Jansen (Johnson) was born n the Netherlands. She was born February 29, 1868. Parents were Albertus (Albert) Johnson and Anji Ruiter. They moved to the United States when Grace was 14.

After meeting and marrying Jacob Londo, she lived as a housewife. They made their first home on Martha Street, in Grand Rapids.

Later in her life, she and Jacob adopted their grandson, Robert Neitherfer, following the death of his mother, (their daughter Mattie).

Grace died December 26, 1939 of Coronary thrombosis and arteriosclerosis. She also had chronic gall bladder disease and cholelithiasis.

Grace was buried next to Jacob in Greenwood Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent Co. MI.

Marriage Notes for JACOB LONDO and GRIETJE JANSEN: United in marriage by Sepke Sevensma. Witnesses were Geesien Sevensma and Brant Sevensma.

Children of JACOB LONDO and GRIETJE JANSEN are: 3. i. MATTIE (MARY)3 LONDO, b. 1893; d. 1919. 4. ii. BERT LONDO, b. September 11, 1895, Grand Rapids, Kent Co. MI; d. December 17, 1963, Butterworth Hospital, Grand Rapids, Kent Co. MI. 5. iii. JENNIE LONDO, b. September 09, 1899; d. March 06, 1974. 6. iv. ANNA LONDO, b. October 03, 1901; d. August 23, 1963. v. AREND LONDO, b. November 14, 1903; d. February 18, 1905. Notes for AREND LONDO: Cause of death Bronchitis.

vi. ARIE LONDO, b. August 01, 1905; d. August 28, 1906. 7. vii. ROBERT LONDO. viii. ANNIE LONDO, b. September 05, 1897; d. September 06, 1897.




They had a daughter named Martje Norberhuis who married Arent Huberts Londo. Martje died at the age of 33 and of her 5 children only one grew to

adulthood and that would be Jacob Londo. Jacob immigrated to the United States in 1891 and settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He married the following year to Grietje Jansen, daughter of Albertus Jansen and Anje Ruiter. son: Bert Londo, Sr. He was a machinist for the Pennsylvania Railroad. He was married to Irene Rawn. JAcob died less than 2 years after bert was married. He actually died before his father did in the Netherlands.

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